Kirsten Strandjord

I'm Kirsten Strandjord. I am a recent graduate from Luther College, which I attended from Fall 2007 to Spring 2011. I graduated with latin honors with majors in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. To contact me, my email is
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Astrophysics Research & Software Development

I worked for Professor Jeffrey Wilkerson from June 2008 to May 2011 developing software and researching in the Luther College Physics and Astronomy Department.

Courses/Activities in Astrophysics Research & Software Development

Research 2008

Research 2009

Research 2010 Astronomy Watch


Eco Senior Project Group

For my senior project, I with other students majoring in computer science developed a web site EcoWin (ECO-WIN: Energy Consumption Overview With Integrated Notifications). Every building on Luther College Campus has a meter attached to it to read the energy consumption. We created software to monitor these meters ,log information in a database and allow facilities members to create user limits to be notified if the energy consumption is not within those limits. Each meter's consumption can be viewed through an annotated time line and any notifications received are logged as well.

Courses/Activities in Eco Senior Project Group

Leader of Graphical User Interface Ecological Senior Project Group


The Astrophysics course was part of Physics Department. Astrophysics was a project and exam based course taught by Professor Jeffrey Wilkerson. The course covered solar system, stellar, galctic, and extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology.

Courses/Activities in Astrophysics

Moon Project

Reddening: Dust in the Galaxy

Cepheid Variable Stars: Relating Period and Distance


I received a major in Physics from Luther College in Spring of 2011.

Courses/Activities in Physics

Modern Physics I & II

Quantum Mechanics

Classical Mechanics

Advanced Physics Laboratory I & II

Classical Physics II



I received a BA in Mathematics from Luther College in Spring 2011.

Courses/Activities in Mathematics


Multivariable Calculus

Linear Algebra

Probability and Statistics

Ordinary Differential Equations

Discrete Structures

Principles of Real Analysis

Computer Science

I received a BA in Computer Science at Luther College in the Spring of 2011.

Courses/Activities in Computer Science

Computer Architecture

Software Design and Development

Computer Graphics

Formal Languages and Automata

Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms.

Internet Programming


Just a few of my interests beyond math and science!

Courses/Activities in Hobbies

Drawing & Woodworking

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